These 9am egg and mushroom patrons!

Olympic Breakfast at Ponti’s (the larger, grander one in the Station with additional Food Hall). Talk of “theological space cadets”. These 9am egg and mushroom patrons! Business meetings over bad coffee and worse service. The concourse moves below, a shifting mirror. This futuristic throwback. London’s Double Vision. In New York, In New York…       InContinue reading “These 9am egg and mushroom patrons!”

The Hill Fort

Its only defences now, a ring of gorse, cat snake in strange fruit tangling the land with vine, its lights diminished like clothes sewn onto the body. Beyond, the mossy gums and their barrackyard laughter; Augustus, chasing gateways that open to the view and a stone pile. High pitched calypso exfoliates my horse, grinning stillContinue reading “The Hill Fort”

Working in Stone

from Prehistoric Stone Circles by Aubrey Burl (1979) Inside a bank that broke from the four entries, which are more like circles of rock, the damaged Cove interrupts an avenue. A field of thousands of half-completed stones visits him nightly. A stone macehead of striped gneiss meticulously deposited in line with the southern moonrise. AtContinue reading “Working in Stone”

A Tourist’s Guide to the East End

Wood becomes hammered after the public type: medium. London’s truth fingers it. London is the foot of one, differentiated towards the east; for the city punishes the outside, the manufactured. Question the person who causes the stone, voluntarily, to move. It may prohibit you from reaching out, to be with him. Compare him to theContinue reading “A Tourist’s Guide to the East End”

Paternoster vs Babelfish

Thanks to George Ttouli for translating some work in progress that I’d posted up here using various Oulipian techniques. I think it was Joe Dunthorne who introduced me to The Oulipo via his brilliant univocalisms. The following is a version of The Lord’s Prayer which has been put through Altavista’s Babelfish software about fifteen times.Continue reading “Paternoster vs Babelfish”

New writing (more to follow)

Liverpool Street Station arrives flat-packed, instructions enclosed. At point A, where the main escalator run-off intersects the natural course of left-right of Essex commuters, cut along the dotted line between the confectionary and jewellery stallls until i. the departure board ii. the monitor at platform 5, and iii. the frontage of WHSmith are in perfectContinue reading “New writing (more to follow)”