Working in Stone

from Prehistoric Stone Circles by Aubrey Burl (1979)

Inside a bank that broke from the four entries,
which are more like circles of rock,
the damaged Cove interrupts an avenue.

A field of thousands of half-completed stones visits him nightly.

A stone macehead of striped gneiss meticulously deposited in line with the southern moonrise.

At Point B you come by a visible base of danger, this circle of symbols. The integration is no proverb. This profitable politeness of monument.†

You were always reminded of the entrance. Keeping old equipment. Radioactive table finds itself misleading. You determined the author, hockling between the extension and the left door. What follows is excessively new and there is need to increase the technical screening.

Five astroroofs coordinate sightlines to the interior. Before science, before it conceives and connects the human. It shows the letter, the post, the proverb, the n.

One may walk around it.
Superbly cupmarked recumbent.
Only charcoal and decayed bones.

Gaunt, grey and revised.

† Legends of witchcraft.


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