The Listening Post

The Listening Post was an immersive sound installation at Battersea Arts Centre, co-commissioned by LIFT and 14-18 NOW for After A War, 27-29 June 2014.

I collaborated with James Wilkes to explore the history of wartime Battersea, researching in local papers and archives to excavate the stories of people who lived in the area, from orchid growers and conscientious objectors to pioneering female pilots and rioting munitionettes. We worked with graphic designer Lina Hakim, sound designer Ed Prosser, and installation designer Gary Campbell.

‘From the orchid room you ascend, passing under the rafters, noting stray roller skates and flickering clips of Charlie Chaplin; the overlapping voices are underscored by an ominous aeroplane drone and suggestive of suspicions hissed over back garden fences, the twitch of the curtain.’
Natasha Tripney, Exeunt

Listen to James give an audio tour of the installation.

Listen to one of the sound pieces.

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Would you be interested in creating a location-aware audio story for VoiceMap? We have a range of tours by journalists, authors, broadcasters, & are looking for voices. If you’d like more info send me an email:

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