‘How to Build a City’ published in The Edgeless Shape

Most excellent literary magazine The Edgeless Shape (‘a collection of new words and pictures’) has published my longish piece ‘How to Build a City’ as an A2 poster pull-out. Perfect for framing, or at least blu-tacking to the wall / any wall. It’s a kind of poem/essay/travelogue hybrid, set in and around Liverpool Street Station. The posterContinue reading “‘How to Build a City’ published in The Edgeless Shape”

These 9am egg and mushroom patrons!

Olympic Breakfast at Ponti’s (the larger, grander one in the Station with additional Food Hall). Talk of “theological space cadets”. These 9am egg and mushroom patrons! Business meetings over bad coffee and worse service. The concourse moves below, a shifting mirror. This futuristic throwback. London’s Double Vision. In New York, In New York…       InContinue reading “These 9am egg and mushroom patrons!”