Emails to Newgate Gaol (4)

From: Tom Chivers Sent: 2 September 2008 14:20 To: The Waltham Blacks Subject: Re: THEY MUST BE OBEYED To Whom It May Concern Learn me the vulgar science of bruising. Unteach me honesty. Forget Tyburn. Instruct me how to steal a red or fallow deer, to rob a warren like a grave; appear in Death’sContinue reading “Emails to Newgate Gaol (4)”

Emails to Newgate Gaol (3)

From: Tom Chivers Sent: 12 August 2008 19:31 To: Subject: *SPAM* RE: Other Side Babs, is it true? They tied you to a hurdle, hauled you screaming from Newgate to Tyburn? If a woman kills her husband, right, that’s treason. Regal submission writ small, Babs. But you coined a few shillings – fakir, faker,Continue reading “Emails to Newgate Gaol (3)”

Emails to Newgate Gaol (2)

From: Tom Chivers Sent: 10 August 2008 14:08 To: Price, John Subject: Duct/duckedJ, Something reminded me of you. I was in The Viaduct (Newgate overspill) sipping small beer with three wistful maidens. You know the place – carved hardwood; large, curved frontage; beaten copper; Neolithic slab of public house, gin palace. When you were JackContinue reading “Emails to Newgate Gaol (2)”

Emails to Newgate Gaol (1)

From: Tom Chivers Sent: 09 August 2008 01:59 To: John Smith Subject: FW: Questions on Tyburn John, Your triple escape from the triple tree has been bound in a Folio Society Edition. Hardback. Slight soiling. Slip-case. The smell of cut tobacco, of course. I thought you would like to know. That fatal tree looks wellContinue reading “Emails to Newgate Gaol (1)”

Clapham Junction – Aldgate

It all started in Europe’s busiest railway station, a kind of troglodytic labyrinth: sixteen lines, no way out. You enter, as I did, through a grossly underwhelming shopping arcade, glorified thoroughfare. Whitewashed corridors lead inside and then up. A vast runway of tracks and platforms, a boy in a blue tracksuit spitting at the rails,Continue reading “Clapham Junction – Aldgate”

Charm Offensive

I would like to recommend a new artists’ journal entitled Charm Offensive. Volume One contains a poem of mine, ‘Tina is a Rottweiler’, new writing by Edward Larrikin, Jonnie Fielding and Barnaby Tidman, and illustration/design by a number of very talented visual artists. Charm Offensive is beautifully produced, something to get your hands on if you can.Continue reading “Charm Offensive”

New Bishopsgate poems online

A selection of poems written during my residency at Bishopsgate Institute are currently on display in the building. They are also online here, with explanatory notes. The poems are: The Archive Wake Up Lazarus The Coder Queer things in Egypt The Blackpool Mile Mr Bradlaugh’s Fishing Tackle Bishopsgate, in elevation Bishopsgate, from Bishops Square MrContinue reading “New Bishopsgate poems online”

‘How to Build a City’ published in The Edgeless Shape

Most excellent literary magazine The Edgeless Shape (‘a collection of new words and pictures’) has published my longish piece ‘How to Build a City’ as an A2 poster pull-out. Perfect for framing, or at least blu-tacking to the wall / any wall. It’s a kind of poem/essay/travelogue hybrid, set in and around Liverpool Street Station. The posterContinue reading “‘How to Build a City’ published in The Edgeless Shape”

Megalithic Software, and other curious tales

The Bishopsgate Institute’s library is the more surprising the further you delve. I spent a good few hours there yesterday, reading and writing. Well, scribbling is probably a more accurate word. The library spans two large rooms – gorgeous, proper bookcases and lots of wood everywhere. A frosted glass partition separates a staff area in the second room.Continue reading “Megalithic Software, and other curious tales”