New Bishopsgate poems online

A selection of poems written during my residency at Bishopsgate Institute are currently on display in the building. They are also online here, with explanatory notes.

The poems are:

  • The Archive
  • Wake Up Lazarus
  • The Coder
  • Queer things in Egypt
  • The Blackpool Mile
  • Mr Bradlaugh’s Fishing Tackle
  • Bishopsgate, in elevation
  • Bishopsgate, from Bishops Square
  • Mr Goss is Mr Goff
  • Improve Yourself

Any comments – from staff, visitors or anyone else who’s interested – are most welcome!

Don’t forget to book for the Visions of the City mini-series. The opener is next Thursday, with Tim Wells, Simon Barraclough, Jay Bernard and myself. Booking line: 020 7392 9220.

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