Emails to Newgate Gaol (4)

From: Tom Chivers
Sent: 2 September 2008 14:20
To: The Waltham Blacks

To Whom It May Concern

Learn me the vulgar science of bruising. Unteach me honesty. Forget Tyburn. Instruct me how to steal a red or fallow deer, to rob a warren like a grave; appear in Death’s black garb in any given chase or park, open heath, common or down. Like Edward Elliot I am very young in years. I wish to see two countrymen buried up to their chins (to speak in the old style). Just say the word and I will burn this hovel, cock and mow. Do not ask me my name. Wake up. Wake up and stare into a blaze of hellish light. Or stay there, Wildman, tongue-tied friend, with your Pinks and Blacks, and listen to this lesson of mammal and man.


  1. You know, I’ve been working around the corner from the Old Bailey and recently went wandering to find the site of Newgate prison. There’s a plaque which says ‘Site of Newgate demolished 1777’, but of course the prison must have survived because Dickens visited and wrote about it. I walked down some of the other streets too but there was no little blue plaque for clues.

    I dread to think what it was like.

    This is great, by the way.

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