Random Acts

Tonight – Tuesday 2 October – my poetry made its TV debut on Channel 4’s  Random Acts. My poem ‘The Event’ has been turned into an animated short film by the horrendously talented New York-based artist Julia Pott. Here it is above, on Vimeo. I think she’s done a great job of bringing the poem,Continue reading “Random Acts”

London’s Golgotha

Last night I was letting my eye wander around the late sixteenth century Agas Map (as reproduced by the London Topographical Society in their handsome A to Z of Elizabethan London). I’m pretty familiar with the Agas, but I came across a mysterious feature I’d not noticed before. See that hill to the right, directlyContinue reading “London’s Golgotha”

Edinburgh Festival 2012

I’ve just returned from a four-day trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Fifteen shows, over twenty-five hours of performance. A real mix of the very good, the very bad and the ugly. My top three shows 1. Thin Ice @ Pleasance Courtyard (Shams) 2. Machines for Living @ Zoo (Let Slip) 3. Comedian Dies inContinue reading “Edinburgh Festival 2012”

For sale: two meticulously hand-inscribed hardback copies of How To Build a City

I’ve spent the morning inscribing two copies of my first book How To Build a City with detailed notes about the poems. These notes range from clarifications of references and obscure allusions (many to London history) to thoughts about the contexts of the poems. I have also provided some very candid insights  about the moreContinue reading “For sale: two meticulously hand-inscribed hardback copies of How To Build a City”

Go for Gold – A Poem for the Olympics

Oh, wow, look – glossy sponsors’ logos glow from forty foot gobos from Romford to Croydon to Pontoon Dock.   LOCOG! No go for dogs or cowboys.   LOCOG! So fond of sports: to trot, to shoot, hop-scotch, golf. Who to root for: GB bods or jocks from Togo, Oslo, Congo?   No odd jobsContinue reading “Go for Gold – A Poem for the Olympics”

The Failure of Digital – Mix Conference in Untweeted Tweets

I’ve just returned from two days at Mix – a conference exploring transmedia writing and digital creativity organised by Bath Spa University. Predictably the conference venue, the beautiful Jacobean mansion Corsham Court, had no public Wifi and even 3G coverage was incredibly patchy (although the cakes were plentiful). Not one to be deterred from emittingContinue reading “The Failure of Digital – Mix Conference in Untweeted Tweets”

An introduction to my work by Theodoros Chiotis

‘The construction, or if we want to be more accurate, the excavation of the multitude of realities lurking underneath the practice of everyday life has come to be seen as a basic writing tool of writers and poets dealing with urban life. The mechanical nature of urban time and usability as urban life’s ultimate preconditionContinue reading “An introduction to my work by Theodoros Chiotis”