En Route in Edinburgh

So, whilst I was in Edinburgh I took part in the site-specific walking tour of the city: En Route. The ‘show’ is the brainchild of Melbourne-based collective one step at a time like this. It goes like this. You meet in the foyer of the Traverse Theatre in a group of 2-3. Someone takes youContinue reading “En Route in Edinburgh”

Pine release

walked into the mountains   (actually rain:    rain on path     rain on dogs rain falling in the bay through sun    direction of      ie. towards the fuming mountains    (also, on crown of Hitler Youth til slick)    where the mist (a kind of purple)    clung or shrouded whatever   and   (it fell on our faces and hands)    Continue reading “Pine release”

Deutschediary, a Tourist-Eye-View

Friday 20 Nov So, after a short but uncomfortable flight courtesy of Ryanair, Sarah and I land at Schonfeld Airport, Berlin. I have no German whatsoever, Sarah only a remnant of pre-GCSE vocab, so with some trepidation we manage to find our way into the city on one of those amazing double-decker trains you also see in France. Danke,Continue reading “Deutschediary, a Tourist-Eye-View”

A Walker’s Notes: Mortitx, Mallorca

I received a beautiful little Wainwright’s Walker’s Notebook for Christmas and couldn’t wait to record my first journey. More, I hope, to follow. … Start Location Mortitx, Serra Tramuntana (Mallorca) Date(s) Walked 3rd January 2009 Start Time 12 midday Finish Time 3.30pm Route/ascent(s)/descent(s) used Half-way to Caleta d’Ariant via Rafal d’Ariant (route taken from theContinue reading “A Walker’s Notes: Mortitx, Mallorca”