Random Acts

Tonight – Tuesday 2 October – my poetry made its TV debut on Channel 4’s  Random Acts. My poem ‘The Event’ has been turned into an animated short film by the horrendously talented New York-based artist Julia Pott. Here it is above, on Vimeo. I think she’s done a great job of bringing the poem, with its apocalpytic romance and hints of climate catastrophe and banking crisis, to life. Thank you, Julia. And thank you also to the producer, Carrie Thomas.

If you’ve arrived on this blog after watching the film, thank you for your curiosity. You might like to get hold of my first book How to Build a City (Salt, 2009), my pamphlet The Terrors (Nine Arches, 2009), or find out more about the project I’m currently doing about climate change and the city. Cheers.

And here’s the poem, in full. (Please don’t reproduce without permission.)



  1. Rowyda Amin says:

    Wonderfully creepy! The animation and poem work together very well. Congratulations.

  2. Sherog Smith says:

    Because you felt the need to disable comments in your pithy defense of David Cameron’s attempts to continue to shield an elite pedophile ring at the highest echelons of UK society and governmnet, I am writing this here. Watch this segment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2xETprt1GM and tell me if it is “Mr Cameron, as far as I can tell, was extremely reasonable and made the unarguable point that this is a matter for the police to investigate,”

    In what way is this point unarguable? (Hint, because you disabled comments so no one can argue with it – you know its a trite and thoughtless defense if you are a person with any thoughtfulness about you)

    The whole problem here is that the police has so horribly failed in their duties that they along with the government cannot be trusted to investigate these matters. If they could, there would be no scandal! Jimmy Savile would have been in jail 40 years ago.

    Your apologetic’s are morally and intellectually bankrupt, and to defend Cameron as though he is reasonable for telling people “Just trust the police, they’ll take care of it” is laughable. If the police were trustworthy, this would be a non-story.

    Again, you intellectual dishonesty is blatantly obvious due to the fact that you disabled comments. You knew this point would arise, and rather than defend your position with your words, you just made a statement which will be seen by many, and shut down any discourse which may question the legitimacy of what you are saying. I don’t know if your a pedophile, or just someone who wants to climb the ladder in the UK so you know you gotta enable pedophiles, but please do us all a favor and just stop talking.

  3. Tom Chivers says:

    @Sherog Smith – I suspect you have the wrong Tom Chivers. Nice comment nevertheless.

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