For sale: two meticulously hand-inscribed hardback copies of How To Build a City

I’ve spent the morning inscribing two copies of my first book How To Build a City with detailed notes about the poems.

These notes range from clarifications of references and obscure allusions (many to London history) to thoughts about the contexts of the poems. I have also provided some very candid insights  about the more personal poems in the collection, ie. the ones about my late mother. Most of this information is not, and will not, be available anywhere else.

You can buy one of these very, very limited editions for £25.

They’re signed of course, too. UK orders only please. You can pay via Paypal or credit card.

If you’re based overseas, or have any questions, drop me an email on info (at)


How To Build a City came out in 2009 from Salt Publishing. Here are some plugs and review quotes:

‘A steely vision of London past and present that is contemporary, inventive and substantial.’ – David Caddy

‘This is an ambitious and brave collection from a poet with a distinctive voice, one which will deepen our understanding of the city that lives in us.’ – Anthony Joseph

‘Chivers’s writing feels refreshing and necessary, a genuine, lyrical appraisal of contemporary life.’ – Luke Kennard, Poetry London

‘The poems in this collection are perfect little machines of their time, which will grow all the more beautiful when they begin to rust.’ – Phil Brown, Stride Magazine (read review)

How to Build a City … is characterised by linguistic inventiveness, the exploration of a wide range of subject matter and an authoritative approach.’ – Kayo Chingonyi, Eyewear (read review)

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