Somer is icomen in, &c.

Summer has arrived early, skipping out Spring altogether – ‘somer is icomen in’; Boris is elected Mayor of London (still nothing on the Lord Mayor in the headgear department; I have bought, worn and discarded one new pair of sandals (you don’t want to see what they’ve done to my feet); I have tried Starbucks’ new coffee-lessContinue reading “Somer is icomen in, &c.”

Kenneth: “Oops I’ve done it again”

I’m hardly a fan, but by process of elimination Ken gets (has got) my vote. Sorry, Boris; I just don’t believe you’d be up to the task. Fingers crossed for status quo. I am, as ever, the political conservative (note capitalisation). And, like Ken, a card-carrying Londoner. Besides, Ken’s a Tulse Hill lad.

‘How to Build a City’ published in The Edgeless Shape

Most excellent literary magazine The Edgeless Shape (‘a collection of new words and pictures’) has published my longish piece ‘How to Build a City’ as an A2 poster pull-out. Perfect for framing, or at least blu-tacking to the wall / any wall. It’s a kind of poem/essay/travelogue hybrid, set in and around Liverpool Street Station. The posterContinue reading “‘How to Build a City’ published in The Edgeless Shape”

Tag, Throwup, Tag

That incorrigible ruffian Barraclough has infected me with some foul blogging game. I must, it seems, pass it on. Rules of Tagging Post these rules on your blog Write six random things about yourself in a blog post Tag six people of your own Stick in a link for each person tagged Let each person know they areContinue reading “Tag, Throwup, Tag”

The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art

Last week my girlfriend and I went to see a new exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery. The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art invites us to step into an exhibition of objects, paintings, photographs and installations assembled by alien curators. Martian hieroglyphs decorate the walls. Copper tracks embedded in the gallery floor direct us to areas with titles like ‘Totems’, ‘Icons’ and ‘Kinship Diagrams’. The Museum’s DirectorContinue reading “The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art”

Poetry on demand

Easier said than done, this commissioned writing lark. I’m used to letting language lead the way in a spontaneous, organic fashion; the ‘poetry on demand’ approach is trickier and demands a lot of patience, although it is, to a degree, time-limited. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to come up with in my residencyContinue reading “Poetry on demand”

Megalithic Software, and other curious tales

The Bishopsgate Institute’s library is the more surprising the further you delve. I spent a good few hours there yesterday, reading and writing. Well, scribbling is probably a more accurate word. The library spans two large rooms – gorgeous, proper bookcases and lots of wood everywhere. A frosted glass partition separates a staff area in the second room.Continue reading “Megalithic Software, and other curious tales”

“Black Panther” and Ackerman’s Microcosm, &c.

  Today was a good day. First, a meeting with the lovely Will Carr, Director of The Poetry School. Swanky little office in Lambeth Walk, shared with Poetry London (for whom I’ve just written three reviews) and two doors down from Spread the Word. A literary enclave, sort of. Will recently moved down to LondonContinue reading ““Black Panther” and Ackerman’s Microcosm, &c.”