Desert Island Discs: No.3 ‘Empty Glasses’

I first came across ‘Empty Glasses’ by The Amps on the soundtrack to one of the many skateboarding videos I used to watch as a teenager. The Amps were a short-lived American band formed in 1995 by Kim Deal of The Pixes / The Breeders fame. Whilst at first listening this is a fairly unremarkable mid-90s indie-rock number, it’sContinue reading “Desert Island Discs: No.3 ‘Empty Glasses’”

Tag, Throwup, Tag

That incorrigible ruffian Barraclough has infected me with some foul blogging game. I must, it seems, pass it on. Rules of Tagging Post these rules on your blog Write six random things about yourself in a blog post Tag six people of your own Stick in a link for each person tagged Let each person know they areContinue reading “Tag, Throwup, Tag”