Tag, Throwup, Tag

That incorrigible ruffian Barraclough has infected me with some foul blogging game. I must, it seems, pass it on.

Rules of Tagging

Post these rules on your blog
Write six random things about yourself in a blog post
Tag six people of your own
Stick in a link for each person tagged
Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
Let the tagger know your entry is up

So, here we go…

ONE: I used to run the UK’s most popular skateboarding website when I was a teenager. It was called Colony and I even had my own team of gnarly skater dudes. If you see me around wearing a bright red t-shirt (underneath, always, a tasteful shirt), that’ll be one of my spare Colony tees. One of my favourite skate spots was Stockwell Skate Park aka Brixton Beach.

TWO: I am related, quite distantly, to the actor Paul McGann, through my mother’s side.

THREE: My favourite longrunning television show is ITV’s The Bill.

FOUR: One of the first poems I ever wrote hangs, framed, in my dad’s house. It’s called ‘Spring’ and contains the excellent end rhyme ‘beautiful’ / ‘fluteable’. Rocking the neologisms in primary school. Yeah.

FIVE: I am an only child. Biology, innit.

SIX: I have an enviable collection of condiments, particularly mustards, which I adore. Everything from coarse-cut Dijon to French’s American hotdog. If you’re a Facebook type, search for ‘London Condiment Society’ to find out more. If you’re so inclined.


I tag:

David Caddy
Ben Hoare
Anthony Joseph
Nathan Hamilton
Scott Pack
Brooklyn Copeland


  1. Scott Pack says:

    Well, I have previously been tagged to do the same thing. You can see the results on my blog.

    Funny how quickly these tags come around.

  2. Curiosa says:

    I have done thy evil bidding, oh darkly winged Chivers.

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