Reading at SoPo with Colette Bryce & Joe Dunthorne

Wednesday 21 January SoPo @ Elmwood 8-9 Carlisle Street London W1D 3BP I’m reading with Colette Bryce (above) and Joe Dunthorne at this brand new event held in the offices of a Soho ad agency. It’s organised by my friend Laura Forman, who is also an excellent poet. It’s free entry but if you want to comeContinue reading “Reading at SoPo with Colette Bryce & Joe Dunthorne”

A Walker’s Notes: Mortitx, Mallorca

I received a beautiful little Wainwright’s Walker’s Notebook for Christmas and couldn’t wait to record my first journey. More, I hope, to follow. … Start Location Mortitx, Serra Tramuntana (Mallorca) Date(s) Walked 3rd January 2009 Start Time 12 midday Finish Time 3.30pm Route/ascent(s)/descent(s) used Half-way to Caleta d’Ariant via Rafal d’Ariant (route taken from theContinue reading “A Walker’s Notes: Mortitx, Mallorca”

Cooking the books

I spent several hours this evening reorganising the books in my flat. There’s just too many of them and not enough space, but I’ve managed to segregate them into the following places: Bookcase number one (Billy, Ikea) Top shelf: London history, antiquarian, assorted philosophy Fourth shelf up: reference books and fat hardbacks Third shelf up: CD player,Continue reading “Cooking the books”

Cultural Review of 2008

Based on my limited intake, here are my top cultural victuals of 2008. Immediate thoughts: (a) I don’t read enough fiction; (b) I have no idea what’s hip in music anymore (although to be fair the wondrous Lykke Li is quite hip, I think). Oh, and with this post, a change of theme for this is yogic. BContinue reading “Cultural Review of 2008”


As a Catholic, reading about Pope Benedict’s recent comments on homosexuality makes me ashamed and embarassed. That said, I wish I had access to the full transcript; Reuter’s report is selected commentary only. I would like to gauge the tone myself, as that’s all-important. The Church’s view on homosexuality doesn’t shock me, and in fact I wouldn’tContinue reading “Pontificating”