I have won The Crashaw Prize

I’ve been writing since I was 16 (I was going to say ‘seriously’ but ‘with intent’ is a better phrase). I am now 25, and Christmas has come early in the form of The Crashaw Prize and Salt Publishing. I am a joint winner, which means that my first full collection of poetry will be published inContinue reading “I have won The Crashaw Prize”

Burke’s Peerage

Yes, yes, I know it’s popcorn telly but I did watch tonight’s X Factor final. Congratulations to Alexandra Burke who deservedly won. Deservedly, because she clearly (ie. by a mile) has the best voice, the best stage presence, and is the most musical. I tend to think 99% of X Factor singers are shite, butContinue reading “Burke’s Peerage”

Hoodoo Voodoo

I recommend Hoodoo Voodoo by D.S. Marriott extremely highly. It’s the best thing I’ve read this year and tops his previous collection. My review of this will be in the next Poetry London. Here’s a snippet. These poems are unexpected and often frightening documents of loss, which probe issues of black identity in stark, uncompromising language.Continue reading “Hoodoo Voodoo”

How deep the rabbit hole goes

  { Everything you see, he explained,         is a thing. No ideas.  The drugs had gone deep.  A tilting sensation.         A goose on a lilo.  He taught me to reach with my hand  to the scar as it healed, never  healed, at the base of my skull. The itch.  Worms in a can.        Continue reading “How deep the rabbit hole goes”

The Arrival of the Books

I’m very excited. Or, more accurately, was – now I’m just sleepy, typing this in bed whilst listening to the shipping forecast (west veering north-west but cyclonic at first in Hebrides…). Today the books I am publishing in January arrived from the printers: Ross Sutherland’s Things To Do Before You Leave Town and Tamsin Kendrick’sContinue reading “The Arrival of the Books”

The Fib

The Fib is a short form of poetry we’re celebrating over at London Word Festival. It’s based on the Fibonacci sequence and is a lot of fun to write! City-centric blog Londonist is also covering the project. Here’s one of my efforts, a tongue-twister. Vile veal livers valets leave behind the villa: evil lives in lividContinue reading “The Fib”