I have won The Crashaw Prize

I’ve been writing since I was 16 (I was going to say ‘seriously’ but ‘with intent’ is a better phrase). I am now 25, and Christmas has come early in the form of The Crashaw Prize and Salt Publishing. I am a joint winner, which means that my first full collection of poetry will be published in the UK, US and Australia in 2009, in glorious hardback. Here we are, all six of us debutants.

Tom Chivers How to Build a City (UK)
Abi Curtis Unexpected Weather (UK)
Ailbhe Darcy Gone Fishing (Ireland)
Jamey Dunham The Bible of Lost Pets (USA)
Ian Pindar Constellations (UK)
Jared Stanley Book Made of Forest (USA)

I don’t know any of the other writers personally (although I know of Abi and Ailbhe from various places), but I like their book titles. In fact, I’m starting to feel jealous about their titles.

I’m honoured to be picked and looking forward to joining an ubertalented stable of writers including many of my poetry buddies: Anthony Joseph, Luke Kennard, Chris McCabe, Katy Evans-Bush, Simon Barraclough (I could go on…).

So thanks Salt! And, in particular, thanks to David and Anthony for their very generous endorsements of my work. I am stunned and happy.


  1. Congratulations, Tom. I rather like your title, actually. Merry Christmas.

  2. Michelle says:

    Congratulations, Tom! Wonderful news.

  3. Thanks Michelle! Thanks Tony! Glad you like the title… it was possibly going to be called CITIZEN.

  4. Ben Hoare says:

    Brilliant news. Can’t wait for your collection.


  5. Cheers Ben – hope you’re well. Have a fun and restful Christmas. Tom x

  6. Alex says:

    Strong work my friend

  7. literaryc says:

    Congrats Tom! Hope your Christmas was fine and thought you were an excellent host at the Word Festival in March featuring T Wells and H Silva.

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