Seven Seven, Eight Fifty

The BBC have produced a beautiful and sad documentary to mark the seven year anniversary of the London bombings: One Day in London. This terrible event has personal resonances for me, as I was living, as I do now, in Aldgate – site of one of the three explosions on the underground. This poem, writtenContinue reading “Seven Seven, Eight Fifty”

It’s all Greek

A parcel arrived this morning from Athens. The envelope was covered in exactly forty stamps (in very small denominations). Inside was a copy of Poiitiki (‘Poetics’), the foremost Greek literary journal. I am honoured to have had a batch of my poems translated for this issue by my friend the writer and critic Theodoros Chiotis.Continue reading “It’s all Greek”

London: A History in Verse & Dear World

This anthology has just come out from Harvard University Press, edited by Mark Ford. Apparently I’ve got a poem in it, though I’ve not seen a copy – nor given my permission for its inclusion. All very Open Source, then. More pleasingly, I’ve been asked – in the traditional manner – to contribute to aContinue reading “London: A History in Verse & Dear World”

Eruption Island

uncut pirates    w/ automatic weaponry go dolphin mad!           adrift & emasculate boys whose frondy underarms are undermined we say most unforgettable & recommended crater caught mid-spew not even technically volcanic but about which we might say the process of making / being made makes manifest in dark unlicensed ways           a view of motion paused yetContinue reading “Eruption Island”

Sun, sea and two Salt poetry books

I’ve just returned from a ten-day break in Majorca – a chance to unwind after a very difficult six months or so, and to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with Mrs Yogic. We always stay in my aunt’s flat in Puerta Pollenca in the rugged north east tip of the island. This was our firstContinue reading “Sun, sea and two Salt poetry books”

Ethical reading, ethical publishing

A few weeks ago I attended a conference called The Space Between Us, which was about the intersection between literature and technology. The exceptionally interesting  James Bridle gave the keynote. I was especially curious, though, to hear Sophie Rochester of The Literary Platform speak about ‘Ethical reading’. Her provocation, so to speak, was that theContinue reading “Ethical reading, ethical publishing”

The White Review: Make, Write, Argue, Dream

My copy of The White Review (No.4) arrived today. This literary and arts quarterly is a handsome and hefty 17 x 24cm softcover, wrapped in a thick paper poster which has been cunningly folded to present the title, barcode etc alongside Jackson Pollock-like abstract artwork by Landon Metz. And then the whole thing is shrink-wrapped.Continue reading “The White Review: Make, Write, Argue, Dream”