London: A History in Verse & Dear World

This anthology has just come out from Harvard University Press, edited by Mark Ford.

Apparently I’ve got a poem in it, though I’ve not seen a copy – nor given my permission for its inclusion.

All very Open Source, then.

More pleasingly, I’ve been asked – in the traditional manner – to contribute to a Bloodaxe anthology of younger poets put together by Nathan Hamilton and out in November. It’s called Dear World & Everyone In It and here’s a line of blurb:

this anthology represents more effectively and appropriately a new generational mood – hybrid, playful, collaborative, ambitious, inclusive, cooperative

Sounds good.


  1. That new Bloodaxe anthology does sound exciting but haven’t they already done something like it before? (Voice Recognition), not to mention Salt’s Book of Younger Poets, which is another fine anthology.

    (not that I’m complaining, mind, I’d love to be in one of those – but at 31, I’m young-but-not-that-young)

  2. Tom Chivers says:

    You’re right Christian, there’s been a recent spate of anthologies covering work by new / younger / emerging poets. I don’t see that as necessarily a bad thing, but representative of a revitalised UK poetry scene. Also, each one brings a different angle or taste, and I don’t think there’s actually a huge amount of crossover in terms of contributors. A quick glance, for instance, at Salt’s Younger Poets book vs my own City State: New London Poetry, only five are in both Jay Bernard, Inua Ellams, Annie Katchinska, Ashna Sarkar and Ahren Warner – and they were probably the five youngest in City State.

    As far as I’m aware, this new Bloodaxe one (edited by Nathan Hamilton) will veer slightly more on the ‘experimental’ side of things. The age limit (if there is one) is also higher – up to mid 30s I think. I was too old for the Salt anthology anyway, by a year, if they’d have had me! 🙂

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