Silkworms Ink have only been around for about 5 minutes, but already they’ve chalked up a staggering 50 e-chapbooks by the likes of Michael Egan, Chrissy Williams and Sam Riviere. A vital resource for scoping exciting new poetic talent, they also run an entertaining, provocative and intelligent blog. So I’m delighted to have been askedContinue reading “L”

Civic Block Print

First we enter a series of interconnected rooms     post-ghetto porous nodes linked by bus routes voting patterns where two boroughs converge the new bridge slips a jack Maddy who was with me at the time compared Bishopsgate to the muscular sheet metal topography of Dubai Bateman’s Row leads to light industry    the 67 to               Dalston isContinue reading “Civic Block Print”

Closed Circuits III-V

III I told myself I was [pause] beautiful – installed a security door with steel grille – feeling centrifugal [inaudible] or [pause] partly like a photograph [inaudible] you know like with bonnets and those [pause] but luckily they got it all on tape there was this one time a wolf just scurried past my doorContinue reading “Closed Circuits III-V”

Closed Circuits I-II

Closed Circuits I Quango invites you to a roller disco. Glide inline.        Bring out your dead. Prepare to be crowdsourced. Wait for the punch to rearrange your cartilage – make of your spine a cudgel for the package holiday you booked reality up for. A door reveals itself like a nailbomb in the empty hangarContinue reading “Closed Circuits I-II”


My uncle was dispensing financial advice when the floods came. I was walking out on the jetty and frantically closing windows. He was recommending ISAs, which was strange as the sun was flat. I used the colour drop tool to change the sky. Brickwork was falling and then I was gripping it in my handsContinue reading “Untitled”