Closed Circuits III-V


I told myself I was [pause] beautiful –
installed a security door with steel grille –
feeling centrifugal [inaudible] or [pause] partly
like a photograph [inaudible] you know like
with bonnets and those [pause] but luckily
they got it all on tape there was this one time

a wolf just scurried past my door I swear it was
[inaudible] maybe wolfhound –
very like a [pause] very like a wolf with steel grille –
I was feeling very centrifugal [inaudible] –

[pause – scuffling]

let me out let me out let me out


A prison with windows you look in at is a zoo.

A zoo can be spun in three ways –
but the way I favour is with washed-up child actors
slopping out the elephant house after dark.

Quango has no need for cages.
Quango sets up webcams at strategic locations.
Quango intercepts, and watches.

The darkening fields of England crowd
with suffragettes.


Fair game Kerry,
            how has the window
come to play this role?
            You stare at windows
all day long.
            They blink. Or wink.
Would you classify
            your bedroom as an attic?
Or your attic
            as a gaol?
We have some
            common cause, you
& I: tears stream
            like comments
                        in a stream.

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