Civic Block Print

First we enter
a series of interconnected
rooms     post-ghetto

porous nodes linked
by bus routes
voting patterns

where two boroughs converge

the new bridge
a jack

who was with me at the time
compared Bishopsgate
to the muscular sheet metal topography
of Dubai

Bateman’s Row leads to light industry

   the 67 to
              Dalston is

              time travel

Yes: walking Kingsland-Shoreditch-Bishopsgate
     is an act of trigonometry culminating in
     the downdraft of a tall building

Yes: the business of bodies
     Halal Butchers
     Afro beauty salon
     a sprinkling of blood-red foliage

& we enter
a linear development


Concrete can be
bent to physiology

a chunder of Thames fluids

flick-knife concealed in a privet

The building is a fang
this building is a pyramid

spine of unreal glass
split across the tracks

Sincerely hope
the rain has driven
you away

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