That was Yoruba

I get the fear, a lot. I often think I will never write anything of value ever again. Sometimes, I look back at what I’ve already written and consider it all worthless. Perhaps this is the writer’s lot, or perhaps just a particularly frustrating part of my own psyche. But if there’s one poem that I’veContinue reading “That was Yoruba”

Cyclone Virtual Tour – Legs IV-V

Yesterday poet and blog-queen Katy Evans-Bush asked me questions for Baroque in Hackney Today I waxed lyrical about sci-fi trilogy The Matrix for Mercy Recommends That’s it. Tour over. Thanks to everyone who made it possible – my agent, my manager, miscellaneous roadies, the big man, &c. &c. Errata The Poet of Sparty Lea is beingContinue reading “Cyclone Virtual Tour – Legs IV-V”

Cyclone Virtual Tour – Legs I-III

On Monday I was interviewed by Julie Palmer-Hoffman (aka The Book Grocer) for On Tuesday poetry blogzine Gists & Piths aired my ‘Statement of Intent’ and a short film Today Michelle McGrane interviews me for Peony Moon It’s all in aid of promoting me book: How To Build A City. It’s available from Salt PublishingContinue reading “Cyclone Virtual Tour – Legs I-III”

A Poem for Barry

A poem for Barry MacSweeney, in time for Sunday’s BBC Radio 4 documentary (4.30pm). This is from my collection How To Build A City and was written, I think, in 2003.   On Kinder Scout   All the skies are leased anyway – Barry MacSweeney, Pearl   We marvel how the peat bog got this highContinue reading “A Poem for Barry”