1. Simon Turner says:

    It’s an amazing book, isn’t it? If you’re into Mr Q, I’d recommend, too, in no particular order:

    Matthew Madden, 99 Ways to Tell a Story (it’s an homage to Queneau in comic book form)

    The Oulipo Compendium (a Desert Island Discs choice, this one, absolutely indispensible)

    Spleen, by Nicholas Moore (the same Baudelaire poem, translated many many times. Deranged, and, what’s more, available in its entirety on ubuweb. Huzzah!)

    Alphabetical Africa, by Walter Abish. First chapter contains only words beginning with A, second with A and B, and so on, for a further 24 chapters, before Abish begins removing letters, ending once more on A.

  2. Tom says:

    Thank you thank you htank oyu Simon!

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