1. Rehan Qayoom says:

    Betjeman lived round the corner from St Bartholomew’s, that is shown on this fascinating film. That church is replete with the Genius Loci. Have you seen the film ‘The London Nobody Knows’?

    1. Tom says:

      Thanks Rehan. I haven’t seen that film, no. You’d recommend it?

      You’d really enjoy the show these guys have put together. I saw it at The George in Borough a few months ago. I believe they have plans to reprieve it in various places.

  2. Arghh, sorry tom, i posted the other one now not here (you lot may be thinking, what the heck?!)

    But i forgot to sign out of my boyfriends wordpress, soz.

    Very slick, informative, and most of all, the quality is far higher than the usual compressed-down-to-shot-visual quality youtube had, until very recently.

    Dear Tom.

    Please can you inform me of the compression rate? When i first saw it a week or so ago, this question was the overiding response to what i had just watched.

    Thank you very much.


    The conceit is not unlike Grand Designs – part one. When the space is finished, in the next ten minute vid – you know that kind of way?

    Spot on. And the reason (i’ve just remembered) why i am here; is because i read your comment on Sutherland’s bable-fish poems, and it brought back the very recent memory of watching him read one on youtube.

    I watched him read one of these, and it is one of the very few times any – what i often think of as – self-appointed radical, has impressed me intellectually. This is because his process, as far as i am aware, is that he puts it through a translation-spinner 100 times, ending up with something completely different. A trace of the original Shakespeare, Donne or Cobbing alright; but one which doesn’t show itself on any overt level on the page: only the linera logical underlay and watermark of it verbally, in the sequence of words he ended up with.

    There was clear intelligence and creative wit to what Sutherland is doing. One which effectively left the audience/reader thinking what very often is dead experiments whose only novelty is the logarithm table used to squirt the sausage type product cobbled into nonsense by a software robotic process in which the author is more mouse than creative entity.

    He isn’t; and on seeing this, i thought, yeah, join the Scene suthers, you are ripe to strike at the heart of a village empirically and yet balanced with some wit. Not unlike my own practice of write-through i have been banging on about in the last few weeks, on stages in the Scene elsewhere. When chatting about the New Thing whatsiface – some axcademic sqaure in Nowehresville USA – bored us with a few weeks ago and got gassed on Harriet. Jeff Side read it the otherday and gassed it up on poetrytech.

    As you might know; i am a Concrete poetry nerd, having took my first oath to Mnesomyne under one of Cobbers most trusted adepts: Bob Sheppard.

    I read the entire thread, and found it very informative and interesting: to see how others do the crazee gear, and what some think of this form or that. Experimental contemporary poetry, much of it, does set off all kinds of polarised and – often – heated exchange between the arties alright Tom, you know that. I am not saying anything new there Chivers, as you and I – we really – both know (and many more besides, wot, wot).

    Anyway, just dropped in and got inspired, to have a dump.


    Devin Kesmond, sutherland rocks!

  3. Tom says:

    Aye Des –

    Good to hear from you and glad you liked Ross’s stuff. I won’t say how talented I think he is because, like, obviously, I’m his publisher and friend.. Erm. Anyway, just to say that I agree with your analysis there.

    Oh and as for the Align video, you better ask the chaps who made it about that. Their link is on the original post.


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