Athens: Day Nine

On Sunday I performed a new piece written especially for Dasein Festival. Athens Burns (which I may post up here in full at some point) was performed with a soundtrack – I had been recording snippets of audio during the week, at the protests, on the train, in the street, etc.

Oh, and this was the previous night – reading with translator Theodoros Chiotis.

Earlier in the day (Sunday) I went to a museum called Man & Tool. Cool name. I like bijou museums. Find out more here.

Here are some tools.

I also had a lovely wander around the picturesque and in parts quite dilapidated Plaka area, and then a huge lunch with Katerina, Yiannis, Ivan, Adela, Phoebe Giannisi and others. I ate some intestines. Nice.

I’d like to thank Dasein Festival organiser Christos Chryssopoulos for his energy and skills in bringing everyone together and giving us foreigners a warm Athenian welcome.

Next up, first impressions of Thessaloniki, where I am giving a workshop and reading.

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