Go for Gold – A Poem for the Olympics

Oh, wow, look – glossy sponsors’ logos glow from forty foot gobos from Romford to Croydon to Pontoon Dock.   LOCOG! No go for dogs or cowboys.   LOCOG! So fond of sports: to trot, to shoot, hop-scotch, golf. Who to root for: GB bods or jocks from Togo, Oslo, Congo?   No odd jobsContinue reading “Go for Gold – A Poem for the Olympics”

The Failure of Digital – Mix Conference in Untweeted Tweets

I’ve just returned from two days at Mix – a conference exploring transmedia writing and digital creativity organised by Bath Spa University. Predictably the conference venue, the beautiful Jacobean mansion Corsham Court, had no public Wifi and even 3G coverage was incredibly patchy (although the cakes were plentiful). Not one to be deterred from emittingContinue reading “The Failure of Digital – Mix Conference in Untweeted Tweets”

An introduction to my work by Theodoros Chiotis

‘The construction, or if we want to be more accurate, the excavation of the multitude of realities lurking underneath the practice of everyday life has come to be seen as a basic writing tool of writers and poets dealing with urban life. The mechanical nature of urban time and usability as urban life’s ultimate preconditionContinue reading “An introduction to my work by Theodoros Chiotis”

Light-filled Visions from a Dark Past

The latest issue of Poetry London is out now, with the now-customary spray of brilliant poems and reviews. I’m glad to have been asked to contribute a piece on two new translations, Simon Armitage’s The Death of King Arthur (Faber) and Jane Draycott’s Pearl (Carcanet).     On Pearl: Draycott opts for a flowing, contemporary freeContinue reading “Light-filled Visions from a Dark Past”

It’s all Greek

A parcel arrived this morning from Athens. The envelope was covered in exactly forty stamps (in very small denominations). Inside was a copy of Poiitiki (‘Poetics’), the foremost Greek literary journal. I am honoured to have had a batch of my poems translated for this issue by my friend the writer and critic Theodoros Chiotis.Continue reading “It’s all Greek”

Collaboration with a Ceramicist

I am in the early stages of a collaboration with the ceramicist Joanne Ayre. Initial ideas have been around < the island > – a theme I have been writing on and which interests Joanne too. I’ve started to make some experiments by ‘translating’ the processes by which clay becomes a ceramic material (wedging, forming,Continue reading “Collaboration with a Ceramicist”

This is what a love poem looks like

You are underfloor heating. You turn my insides to so much packable meat. You are thoughtful in dreams. You make secret signs. You swim with impunity. You are speculative. You are radio & tides. If the cuckoo sings you sing right back. You wake to this. You have the qualities of snow. You are spaceContinue reading “This is what a love poem looks like”

Poem Set in a Remote Outpost of the British Army

** We go to bate the jauntier hun, the pearl that grows in the wadi. One jaunt leaves half the team without toenails, just shims in obis sucking up toxic puds and fingering the pearly hafts of their rifles. So we spar amongst ourselves, eke out our wraths in full gillie, knees against the dashboardContinue reading “Poem Set in a Remote Outpost of the British Army”

The Herbals

3:AM Magazine has published a poem of mine: The Herbals. Thanks to Poetry Editor SJ Fowler for that. Written last year sometime, this piece now seems strangely prescient. Then again, you can stretch a poem pretty far. In any city or text-based practice to be confined in such articulated coffins collapses desire & its attainmentContinue reading “The Herbals”