Just 99p!

This is embarassing. A friend sent me a text message with a photo attached. It’s my book, on sale for “Just 99p” in a second-hand bookshop somewhere. Remaindered after only 2 years. Well, it could be worse: at least whoever had read it considered it good enough to flog on!

Perhaps this is a good time to resurrect an idea I had a while back. I have one hardback copy left of my first book, and I thought I could sell it for a ludicrously inflated price. The catch is this: not only will I sign the thing (obviously); I will also sit down with a sharp pencil and an open mind and annotate every poem with thoughts, background, context and notes. So for twenty-five quid*, say, you will be the owner of a completely unique document of the writing of a book. And a book, that has been scribbled over.

Does this interest anyone, or is it a ridiculous idea? Either way, I could do with the cash.

If you want to spend much less than twenty-five quid on my book, the paperback edition is on sale for £7.99 at Salt.

* Maybe less. Or I could auction it via Ebay?

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  1. MsBaroque says:

    I’d watch out for eBay, things can go for surprisingly little.

    And I’d love the annotations – I loved the book – but alas, I also need the money.

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