Tag, Throwup, Tag

That incorrigible ruffian Barraclough has infected me with some foul blogging game. I must, it seems, pass it on. Rules of Tagging Post these rules on your blog Write six random things about yourself in a blog post Tag six people of your own Stick in a link for each person tagged Let each person know they areContinue reading “Tag, Throwup, Tag”

The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art

Last week my girlfriend and I went to see a new exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery. The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art invites us to step into an exhibition of objects, paintings, photographs and installations assembled by alien curators. Martian hieroglyphs decorate the walls. Copper tracks embedded in the gallery floor direct us to areas with titles like ‘Totems’, ‘Icons’ and ‘Kinship Diagrams’. The Museum’s DirectorContinue reading “The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art”

Hair today

Reader, a confession, if you will. I have difficult hair, and always have done. Simultaneously thick and frizzy, or more accurately – wiry. Whatever the desired configuration, it just won’t sit. So mostly I leave it be. The occasional comb, a cut at my local barber’s every two months (always a ‘short back and sides’), that’s it.Continue reading “Hair today”

Horse logic

       What is it about horses? They’re everywhere, it seems. What set it off for me was Paul Muldoon’s latest poetry collection Horse Latitudes. Then came Bat for Lashes’ haunting song ‘Horse and I’, from her Mercury Prize nominated album Fur and Gold. Next, I was hosting a reading in Whitechapel and introducedContinue reading “Horse logic”

News in brief

  Just come back from another excellent event – this time the premiere of Mr Larrikin’s play Camusflage Krokodial at Hoxton Hall. I got to operate the follow spot, which was particularly exciting. My poem ‘Swans in Thames’ has just been published by the very reputable London Magazine (hence the image above). Go buy it. And on another note, I’veContinue reading “News in brief”