Yeah, f**k you Cowell

Just spotted that my poetry collection has appeared in Salt Publishing’s Top 20. Or rather, that it’s just sneaked in. At No. 20 (or, if you discount the fiction books and anthologies: No. 12!).

So go on, treat yourself, or a significant other, at Christmas by purchasing a copy of How To Build A City, which contains poems and other things about cities, ukeleles, yoga and medieval saints. Or if you’d rather not contribute to yet another ‘Best of’ or ‘Top 20’ then head over to Penned in the Margins and grab Weather A System or Static Exile (the newest titles). They’re both better than socks, pocket torches, and overpromoted pop singles.

I’m starting to feel pretty cheap –

Merry Christmas everyone.

Tom x

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  1. Michelle says:

    Yay for your inclusion in the Top 20.

    All the best for 2010, Tom.

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