How To Build A City – Now Available to Buy


If any of my readers (ha! what a notion) are interested, my debut collection of poetry How To Build A City is now available to buy online from Salt Publishing. You can, presumably, also order it from Amazon, your local bookshop and so on, but in my experience ordering direct from the publisher is best for everyone! So click on the link above to find out more, and perhaps depart with a few pennies…

I had my first look at the books themselves last night in Brighton – I was down for a reading at Abi Curtis’s launch, which was lovely. The books are handsome devils indeed, and I’ve not spotted any typos yet! When I first saw them, I was a bit scared and didn’t want to touch, let alone open, one. I’m a bit like Charlie Bucket with these things. But on the train journey back, I fully perved over it.

If you’re in London this Saturday, you are invited to the launch of How To Build A City, along with Luke Kennard, Abi Curtis and Ross Sutherland. It’s at The Slaughtered Lamb, starts at 8pm and is free entry.

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  1. jamblichus says:

    I read a review of your book somewhere, can’t quite remember where, (via Nthposition?) and shall certainly buy a copy! congrats on the publication.

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