On Warwick

Here’s a new press, Nine Arches, from the Midlands. And here’s a new pamphlet, Jane Holland’s On Warwick, which I’ve reviewed as part of my regular column for Tears in the Fence (you’ll have to wait til December for the next issue). The highlight is the brilliant long poem ‘On Warwick Castle’, about which I say:

Holland utilises a number of familiar Modernist tricks to create an engaging, multi-vocal tapestry of the life of Warwick Castle, probing its colourful past with an approach that fuses the lyric with the futurist, pastiche with the socio-historical.

It’s really good (the poem, that is), so I recommend you buy it. If not, Jane might lock you up in the dungeon (see above for illustration).


  1. Jane Holland says:

    Thanks for this, Tom! And a great photograph too.

    To quote from the poem itself:

    There are rules even in darkness.
    For a really serious breach,
    the guide book tells him,
    such as plagiarism or pastiche,
    a man might be hung alive in chains
    near the scene of his crime.

  2. brrnrrd says:

    Great encouragement for the failing student, I think…

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