Residency at The Bishopsgate Institute

Good news. I have been appointed Poet in Residence at one of my favourite local places, The Bishopsgate Institute. This is a first for me and them. Very exciting. I’ll be spending time there in April researching in their archives, talking to staff and visitors and finding material in the nooks and crannies of their historic building.

By the end of the Residency I will have produced a series of poems, some of which will be displayed in the Institute. I’ve also curated two events for June and July, where I will ‘premiere’ new material, and introduce some of my favourite poets. This mini-series is called Visions of the City and I’ll announce the lineups very soon.

Finally, I’ll be documenting my experiences on this blog, so if you want to keep track you know what to do!


  1. Neil Dawn says:

    Hey tom, get some real irish poets practicing live now. Take your pick from the o hjeal – mouth stream – youtube site featuring recitals of poets in ireland, the only national portal of its kind, certainly the most poems, 151 infdividual poems by over 40 poets, simple presentation, and get in touch with paul casey in cork or myself, and we will deliver the most exciting event of poetry in london, that place has had in a while, four say, one from each province, there are numerous men and women who i know and practice with.

    Paul Casey is a major new poetic force on the island/s, as he has 95% of irish myth memorised and can reel it off, a very impressive mind, who instigated and runs what is now the hottest night of weekly live poetry in, not only cork and munster, but the all the four provinces of ireland, and this is because his reading series are very exciting as he has established and emerging poets of the highest calibre in his bills, promoting inclusion, and it is working, as his current one ends with Derek Mahon, and has featured Gearóid Mac Lochlainn, Kevin Higgins is up soon, tommorow is living legend and last of the genuine wandering poets, whose voice is human birdsong, true Kerry accent, wesht as it getz lah dee dohdle, Raven, the san franciscan poet resident in dublin who i have linked to, get in touch and get shirley dent in, and this event could be the making of you Chivers, shirley dent and i go back a year of duelling and it took her eight months to respond directlyy to me and uin the process, she softened and for that i must take some credit, as i was involved with the love poetry hate racism thing, as a simple performer, doing my bit, and shirley drew me onto the guardian books blog and now i am a deluded bore, but at least a competent live deliverer of verse, simple and direct, get me and a few others over, let us rock your world, wiv live memorised intelligent words, a linbe up of egos and talent whose being there will make history, get your books selling, self published the way it is going to be now all publishers are transferring operations to e books and as an author of live poetry, the most practical wat of bypassing a publisher and controlling how much you buy and sell your work for, POD can return 70% of the title and long as we write it, we get better, and in the next five years, any and all will be publishing, which is why the usual squares and gate keeper guardians of an ancient world, unknowing their sean nos, are getting flippy..

    Raven the best live american poet practising in dublin.

  2. Neil Dawn says:

    Here’s a link to me reading at casy;s last monday after getting pulled in short notice after the booked guest couldn’t make it..

    go to post 1 pf 10 ,atch, first post down and click on the link:”Desmond’s lyrical streams were greatly enjoyed by all. You can listen to his reading here.”here” and the mp3 of the reading will download

    grá agus síocháin

  3. Neil Dawn says:

    Soz tom, this is the last link, to the 151 poems recorded in live settings at public readings, lots of stuff to watch and maybe you could do summat like it, within a short space of time you would have everyone clamopuring to get on it who is any good..hook up with ben wolkinson, he’s mad keen and you two could start a gang to topple, s/he who shall remain nameless, his and her highnesses and woeful gatekeepers in fortress official uk verse, get sorted wiv it innit?

  4. permanenttourist says:

    Cheers Desmond, I’ll take a look at those links!

  5. Hey Tom – belated congratulations on the appointment… 😉

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