My Top Five Strange Poetry Readings


On a Routemaster bus

Spitalfields Market, 2009. There were only five people in the audience, which was about as many as you’d want in a bus. I sold two books though, which is a good ratio.


In a curiosity shop in Hackney

I think it was run by artist collective LE GUN. The audience stood, while I sat. In the window display. 2007.


On the same bill as Alan Moore

Also, Iain Sinclair and a man bashing the f**k out of sheet metal. Sage Gateshead, 2010. I got a great back-handed compliment in this review.


In Athens

This was more about the political context than the physical location (a bar in Exarchia), as there were anti-government protests and riots almost every day of my trip, and I read a rather inflammatory piece called ‘Athens Burns’. 2010. I blogged about it here.


In the Gents

Filthy McNasty’s pub, Islington as part of an event called The Washroom Projects, 2005. It was rammed, and a bit smelly.


And where would I like to read next?

Here, in the prison cells originally used as Newgate overspill. Perfect venue for a reading from The Terrors.


  1. Matt Fallaize says:

    Liverpool readings can often be enlivened by a guy who wanders in demanding to read one of yours. Surprised the snarky reviewer was unable to spell Barry MacSweeney’s name.

  2. If you ever do read there, please send me an invite, would be great!

  3. Rehan says:

    My strangest reading inspired a poem in itself, it was in a cottage deep in the woods in Lithuania, unforgettable.

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