Honeymoon reading

I got married, then jetted off to India for 3 weeks. Here is my reading.

Josie Saramago, The Gospel according to Jesus Christ *
R.L. Stine, Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island **
Peter Ackroyd, The Clerkenwell Tales
Ian McEwen, Solar
William Dalrymple,
In Xanadu
Rough Guide to Rajastahn, Delhi & Agra

I did aim for more, but considering the final week of the honeymoon was a write-off due to food poisoning, it aint bad going. The McEwen was extraordinary.

* Picked this up in a guesthouse in Tabo, Spiti
** A present from Nathan Penlington, who is currently developing a show about Choose Your Own Adventure stories

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  1. Rehan Qayoom says:

    Dalrymple is one of the foremost writers on India. His 2 books of essays on the Indian sub-continent and the tome White Mughals. Are absolute masterpieces. His biography of the last Mughal emperor could well be termed the authorised biography, for the first time, he was able to access and base his book upon the official Indian documents, letters, court circulars from the time of the mutiny. All previous accounts have used the English records as a basis for their sources. He found some of these records untouched since they were locked away in 1857, behind a common teashop!

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