Tears in the Fence Number 49

The latest issue of Tears in the Fence has arrived. Number 49. Beautifully typeset, as always, by Westrow Cooper, and edited by the illustrious David Caddy. I must confess this is a real treat. New poems by Tom Lowenstein (above), Ketaki Kushari Dyson, Tamsin Kendrick, Siddhartha Bose, A.F. Harrold, Matt Merritt, Ross Sutherland, Todd Swift, Simon Turner, George Ttoouli, S.J. Litherland and many more. Joyce Hodgson has written on Barry MacSweeney’s last reading; Adam Fieled ‘waxes hot’ with Robert Archambeau and Barry Schwabsky; and I review Jane Holland’s ‘On Warwick Castle’ in my regular column.

I strongly recommend you seek this issue out – and whilst you’re at it, take out a subscription. Issue 50 is going to be a very, very special one, and you wouldn’t want to miss it, would you…?

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