You are invited to a party…

… to celebrate the launch of The Terrors.

Sunday 29th March 2009, from 7pm
The Market Trader, Middlesex Street, London

There will be short readings by Tim Wells, James Wilkes, Jane Holland and Jane Commane of Nine Arches Press, who will host. I will read some of The Terrors and the pamphlets themselves, beautifully produced by the Nine Arches machine, will be on sale for a fiver. We have the whole pub to ourselves.

Iain Sinclair on The Terrors: ‘Dark London history, dredged and interrogated, spits and fizzes with corrosive wit. Language-receipts sustain the necessary illusion. IT MATTERS. It matters: the weight and pace of delivery, the balance of breath. Tom Chivers understands the risks he risks, the play in a taught rope. ‘I’ll ghost-write, if you ask.”

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  1. Michelle says:

    Sounds fantastic.

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