Depth beneath surface energy

My reviews of On Purpose by Nick Laird (above), Mario Petrucci’s Flowers of Sulphur and Todd Swift’s Winter Tennis appear in the Summer 2008 issue of Poetry London, out now (£5).

I also recommend this issue for poems by Michael Symmons Roberts and recent Eric Gregory Award winner Emily Berry.


  1. Curiosa says:

    Hey, you and me both, bound between the same covers. Kinky.

    And, as we’re both in a critical frame of mind, I wondered what you thought about this:

  2. Curiosa says:

    — did you mean to say not digging or not dissing?! I think you meant not dissing… but not digging would make sense too in the spirit of a good debate.

    Either way I think we should both go to bed.

    Not like that.

  3. Curiosa says:

    Better than pissing…

    ‘Between my finger and my thumb
    The squat pen rests.
    I’ll piss with it.’

    I wonder if Heaney does have a squat pen…

  4. Curiosa says:

    Ha ha! Excellent. Heaney’s ‘bog sequence’ reinterpreted as a meditation on modern urinal etiquette… I think that could be worthy of a PhD…

  5. Sarah H says:

    Nick Laird is hot. Why don’t all male poets look like Nick Laird.

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